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Sat, May. 7th, 2005, 11:25 am
muelos: Dee/Kelly artifacts

For your enjoyment, here are a few photos I took last Tuesday of the Dee/Kelly artifacts on display in the British Museum.

Tue, Jul. 13th, 2004, 01:03 pm
kyrene: Kyrene brief bio

Hi, I don't think I've introduced myself. :)

I'm Kyrene, and I'm a Greek polytheistic reconstructionist. My patron deities are Apollo and Dionysos, though Hermes has been known to tag along. I am the founder of Hellenion, an international Greek polytheistic organization, and am an active member.

My exploration with the occult began when was 12 and an atheist. I quickly learned that there was "something" out there, and sometime after that through various experiences, realized that there many "somethings" out there and became a generic polytheist. Since that point, all of my workings have been for the sake of mystical experiences, for gnosis, and to serve the gods.

I started out in the Golden Dawn more than four years ago, and while a lot of it was to my liking, its overreliance on Christian and Jewish mysticism didn't sit well with me. I began researching many systems, and found that pretty much anything today is derived from the Golden Dawn, right down to where the elements are placed in what directions--or even using the elements in directions to begin with.

Right now (as you can see from my recent post) I'm currently working on researching ancient Greek mysticism and theurgy in the hopes of having a system that we can use instead of using everyone else's. I don't see the point of using a system developed by monotheists in order to commune with gods as a polytheist. Some of it is compatible, while some of it most definitely is not.

And so, on with my research! :)

Tue, Jul. 13th, 2004, 09:30 am
kyrene: Theurgy in ancient Greece

I'm currently researching theurgy in ancient Greece, and have developed an emailing list to discuss it (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Hellenismos_theurgy). So far, I have a list of books that I own as well as a few philosophers, but would like people's input as to further sources of information.

Here's what I have so far:

Magic in the Ancient World - Fritz Graf
The Greek Magical Papyri in Translation - Hans Betz
Arcana Mundi - Georg Luck
Magika Hiera - Christopher Faraone, et al
Hekate Soteira - Sarah Iles Johnson

I also have a couple of other sources which I'm uncertain as to much of their validity and accuracy. David Godwin's book is pretty sketchy (I've read it and he cites Robert Graves as being an excellent resource. 'Nuff said), and I have to read Stephen Flowers' book on Hermetic Magic.

For people who were mystics and/or influenced mysticism:

Apollonius of Tyana

Anyone else who can add to these lists will be thanked profusely. As you may have guessed I'm avoiding having anything to do with the medieval period, freemasonry, or Golden Dawn. This is strictly focusing on ancient Greek sources.

Thanks a bunch,